Living It Up Directors


Here are the 5 Living It Up Directors who all offer different skills and knowledge to run Living It Up Events.

Claire Crawford-Smith


Claire is one of the founders of Living It Up and is at every event ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Claire is also the manager of a residential home in Bedford for adults with learning disabilities.


Fizz Heseltine


Fizz is one of the founders of Living It Up and also attends and runs the events.

Fizz works for Voiceability, an Advocacy Charity, as a project lead across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Fizz also runs a weekly social club for adults with learning disabilities in Bedford.

In 2013 Fizz's voluntary work earned her a Pride of Bedfordshire award.

Thomas Palmer


Tom is the new Director of Living it Up. He works as a volunteer at the Coffee Pot and at an after school club during the week. He really enjoys this. Tom has been attending Living it Up since 2015 and is keen to share his ideas for future Living It Up events.

Mike Collett


Mike has been involved since 2015. He advises us on business and financial issues.

Living It Up Volunteers


These are our amazing volunteers! They do a brilliant job in supporting Living It Up either at events or behind the scenes.

Dave Gough


Dave was the first student social worker for Living It Up in 2013. Dave stayed on as  a volunteer and supports at events and DJ's. He is the king of cheesey pop.





Harry Cribbs


Harry has been volunteering for Living It Up for many years. He is our fabulous photographer.

Other people who volunteer by supporting at events.



Dave Thomas

Dave Surridge

Nicole Lynch

Diane Hoare

Kerry-Lou Morrisson

Courtney Chamberlan.

Lissy Malt

Samantha Waddington

Vicky Swanny

Georgina Elford

Kay Whittaker

Rachel Horn




We also have numerous volunteers from the Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society. Thanks them for all their support.


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