Performing Arts Centre

In September 2016 Living It Up opened an educational centre for performing and creative arts. Now hugely successful and running Monday to Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm at St. Cuthbert's Hall in Bedford. 


Our experts teach workshops on art, drama, singing, dance, radio presenting, podcasting, DJ-ing, film making, photography, song writing and more. We find people who attend our sessions have a lot of fun, learn new skills and grow hugely in confidence.


We love showcasing our new skills and give opportunities for people to perform, either in one of our bands, radio presenting, live DJing, thatre shows, online TV shows etc.

Our aims and objectives are:​

  • To provide educational, expert-led performing and creative art sessions for adults with a leaning and/or other disability. This is including (but without limitation) people who have sensory and communication needs, physical disabilities, autism, and behavioral, emotional or social needs.


  • We will provide activities which are performance arts related but have been chosen and developed by people who use the service. It will be carried out by experts and supported by staff who are fully trained and competent.


  • Each person will be assigned a keyworker who will oversee that person, ensure care plans are up to date, attend reviews and ensure needs are being met.


  • We will work in a person-centred way and promote individuality, choice and independence.


  • We will enable people to develop and maintain important skills that may enable people to move into voluntary or paid employment.


  • Each person will have an individual care plan which is a working document and personalised to each individual. These will contain important information such as medical information, contacts, guidelines, risk assessments as well as goals and aspirations.


  • To enable people to work in and access the wider community. To educate and inform the community about being inclusive.


  • For people to be given the opportunity to make decisions and develop the service and to hold regular meetings for people to have their views listened to.


  • To form and maintain links with other voluntary, community and statutory organisations.

If you require any further information or wish to attend, please contact us.

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Please check out all of our videos and photos on Facebook and Youtube including our incredible murder mystery 'Who Killed Batman Beckham' and the variety TV Show 'Fill Your Boots Up'.

All shows we produce are written, created, rehearsed and produced by our amazing learners.


postal address:

43 Bromham Road, Bedford. MK40 2AA

livingitupinfo@gmail.com / 07964 067443 / www.livingitupevents.co.uk

performing arts centre address:

St. Cuthbert's Hall, Newnham Street, Bedford. MK40 3JR